Founders, one and all.

Giant Pixel is led by three partners with first-hand experience building products that changed the way people connect. We're passing this knowledge on to everyone on our team, preparing them to be capable founders of successful startups.

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Alan Braverman writes code and leads the Sobo project.

Alan Braverman


Alan Braverman is a computer programmer, angel investor, and serial entrepreneur. Prior to Giant Pixel, Alan was CTO and co-founder of genealogy web firm, Geni, and its spin-off enterprise social network, Yammer. Earlier, he co-founded Mollyguard Corporation, a payment-themed studio that spun-off both Xoom and Eventbrite. Alan worked as a software engineer at Silicon Graphics, eGroups, and Yahoo. He also served as VP of Engineering at Fwix (later renamed Radius). Alan earned a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois. As a college student, he developed features for Mosaic, the early web browser that spawned the dot com boom. He has also made angel investments in approximately 20 tech startups (and one restaurant).
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Elliot Loh guides design at Giant Pixel and runs the Antenna project.

Elliot Loh, Partner

A career "first designer", Elliot Loh developed the original user experiences for many innovative startups, including Yammer, Geni, and Tribe. He has also run product teams and served as Geni's COO. Elliot got his start at enterprise software upstart Trilogy, where he co-founded the HCI group after graduating from Stanford. Elliot is fully invested in the startup community, primarily as a mentor to accelerators like 500 Startups and StartX, and more recently as an angel investor and fund advisor.
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John Cwikla writes code and leads the Nama team.

John Cwikla, Partner

John Cwikla is a software architect who built the first Unix front end for Wolfram Research's masterpiece, Mathematica. He also programmed business intelligence software at Brio, email software at eGroups and Yahoo, and then games at Synovial. Cwikla led back-end engineering at document analytics company, Biz360. He held the CTO and VP of Engineering roles at both Xoom and Doostang. He launched two social games as CTO of GameLayers, and also co-founded Tello. Before co-founding Giant Pixel, Cwikla was VP of Engineering at Radius Intelligence (formerly known as Fwix). He studied Computer Science at the University of Illinois.